Program Executive Officer, Tactical Programs (PEO(T)), RADM “BD” Gaddis,  recently presented the Spotlight Award for Dec 2014 to the WINN team, of which  Tactical Air is a member. During FY14, the WINN team completed the NATIP manuals for the F/A-18 and E/A-18G. These documents are composed of 14,831 pages, 157 chapters and 26 appendices. The WINN team raised the bar on performance in FY14 by publishing 61 weapons systems chapters and releasing 74 permanent weapons flight clearances, which is a 250% increase over FY13. The WINN team is recognized by the Fleet as the technical experts on F/A-18 and EA-18G capabilities. The WINN team also took on the role of leading the FY14 NATOPS and is involved in reshaping the process to streamline future NATOPS updates. Through their continued dedication and attention to detail, the WINN team demonstrated their dedication to the U.S. Navy and the individual warfighter.

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