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TALON is committed to providing world class support to your F-5 aircraft, engine, parts, and support equipment needs. Contact us today with your specific F-5 support requirements needs.

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    Parts Solutions:

    The Tactical Air Logistics Network (TALON-Parts LLC) business unit is chartered to receive, process, repair, stock, and distribute a large cache of F-5 aircraft, engines, parts, and ground support equipment we have acquired from the Royal Saudi Air Force. Our objective is to secure and stabilize our F-5 supply chain to support 17-35 aircraft performing contract operations for the United States Navy and Marines and the U.S. Air Force. TALON will support, to the maximum extent possible, Tactical Air Support’s internal requirements for F-5 engines, parts, and ground support equipment. TALON will also pursue sales to the U.S. Government, friendly Foreign Military Sales, and the Open Market while complying with the constraints and restrictions of ITAR, the Arms Export Control Act, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. TALON is well positioned to acquire additional stores of F-5 parts and materials through future purchases of surplus from foreign sources and acquisition of existing F-5 parts vendors and inventory.

    There is a global shortage of F-5 engines, parts, and support equipment, and every F-5 operator has suffered from increasing scarcity of the things we need to support our aircraft. By procuring the complete inventory of Royal Saudi Air Force F-5 materials, TALON will go a long way toward securing Tactical Air Support’s supply chain and providing the support necessary to continue providing world class adversary air services to our customers. To do this, TALON operates modern, efficient warehouse facilities providing full-spectrum supply chain management including receiving, cleaning, packing, managing repairable parts, certifying, stocking, and distributing goods and materials.  Our focus is on providing this support to Tactical Air Support’s ongoing contract operations, aircraft build and modification efforts, Technical Development, and other U.S. Government support operations such as the Navy’s F-5 adversary fleet, Block Upgrade/ARTEMIS, and Contract Logistical Support (CLS). We will also support U.S. Government, Foreign Military, and open market sales for those items in excess of Tactical Air Support’s internal needs. All sales are subject to U.S. Department of Commerce, Department of State, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives regulation.