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With reductions in available U.S. Department of Defense training opportunities for allied and partner nations, Tactical Air’s ability to provide tailored, commercial tactical air training offers the most credible alternatives. Whether the need is for currency training, employment training, advanced weapons school training, or dedicated Close Air Support training – we can offer effective and attractive solutions.

Tactical Air has over 90 former fighter weapons instructors on staff; that means we have the background and expertise to craft a variety of training solutions that target your specific needs. By pairing our versatile fleet of aircraft to specific mission requirements, we achieve the most economic and effective commercial air operations training solutions available. Services can be provided both in the U.S. or in host countries.

Tactical Air Squadron

Adversary Air Support

Fighter squadrons face shortfalls in Adversary Air Support (AAS) for combat training. With funding in short supply and demanding training requirements remaining at high levels, Tactical Air offers an optimal solution. Potential adversaries are fielding supersonic 4.5-5th generation fighter aircraft and developing advanced tactics. A truly sustainable AAS solution needs a robust and responsive maintenance/logistics support network that interleaves proven small business expertise with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) support. The AAS enterprise of today must provide training assets that represent current threat capabilities and have a clearly articulated, well-funded upgrade roadmap to bring enhanced training capabilities year after year, with near-peer and peer capabilities in the 4th and 5th Generation fighter training environment.

Tactical Air’s F-5 platform is the best AAS solution in the market today, with an unrivaled combination of performance, sustainability, safety, and growth potential. The Tactical Air Team delivers this proven adversary platform piloted by highly qualified and experienced adversary pilots. The F-5’s twin-engine reliability and our uncompromising corporate safety culture are the surest mitigation for potential hazards and mishaps. Tactical Air has 21 F-5’s in its inventory. These fast, highly upgraded aircraft fly realistic adversary intercept profiles, offering mission-critical situational awareness and assessment capabilities, enabling our clients to make the very most of their training budgets.

Training Expertise

Close Air Support (CAS) Training

The demand for qualified Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) continues to grow and with this demand comes an increased requirement for strike aircraft to support JTAC training. With their extremely high operating costs, it makes little fiscal sense using today’s frontline combat aircraft to fill this role.  Contracted Close Air Support (CCAS) is a proven solution.  Tactical Air provides a cost-effective advanced tactical training capability to replicate the battlefield environment in support of U.S and allied nation CAS training requirements. 

From long duration advanced turbo props to high performance attack jets, Tactical Air provides aircraft, weapons, systems and aircrew to meet any requirement.  Our CF-5D with HOTAS, HUD, and computer aided bombs and rockets is the pinnacle of CCAS training platforms, providing the most tactically accurate representation of today’s strike fighter attack profile.  Integrated communications, Digitally Aided CAS, advanced sensors, dual cockpits for JTAC familiarization, and a full mission audio/video debriefing capability provide unparalleled value.  Paired with these advanced aircraft and systems, our highly experienced and tactically proficient aircrew provide a consistent reliable training product for simulated or live CAS missions strictly standardized to current Joint doctrine.  We understand the dynamic nature of pre-deployment cycles with limited training range and asset availability.  Tactical Air has rapid-response contracting vehicles that allow us to answer short-fused calls for support. 

Tactical Air Training

Basic to Advanced Flight, Instructor and Weapons Training

Countries with interest in outsourcing some or all of their initial pilot training requirements should contact us to review their training requirements and examine Tactical Air’s capability to support their long-term goals.
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With our expertise in air training and with our teaming partners, Tactical Air has also developed a comprehensive military flight training program designed to take prospective military aviators from Initial Flight Screening (IFS) to Basic and Primary flight training, and finally on to advanced training in tactical jets, helicopters, or transport aircraft.

This program uses modern, economical lead-in civil training aircraft, before shifting to Tactical Air’s group of military turboprop and supersonic fighter training aircraft.  Helicopter and multi-engine training is provided through additional companies working with integrated flight standards and similar curricula to that provided to the tactical fixed-wing pilots.

tactical air support

Tactical Air Support

Contracted Maintenance Support

Major Logistical Provider for U.S. and International Customers

Tactical Air has an established capability to support both domestic and international military aircraft customers with both maintenance and logistics. Please contact us if your company has need of long- or short-term assistance that we can provide with highly qualified technicians and supervisory personnel.