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Aircraft Operations

About Our Aircraft

Air Operations at Tactical Air Support are fundamentally organized and operated like a military fighter squadron and the backbone is our impressive array of jet and turboprop aircraft. Tactical Air owns one of the largest fleet of operational fighters in the commercial services industry. We also operate, or have operated, Customer-owned aircraft up to, and including fourth-generation fighter aircraft such as the F-16 and SU-27, to suit your training needs.  We endeavor to meet the same professional standards of military fighter operations around the world.


Our Aircraft

Tactical Air owns and operates a fleet of 25 supersonic F-5 fighter aircraft, largely consisting of an improved, lower flight-time version of the current Adversary platform of the U.S. Navy (USN) and Marine Corps (USMC).  Tactical Air has operated F-5 aircraft since 2013. The F-5 is a proven Adversary aircraft also formerly used by the USAF in this role and currently operational with 19 international air forces.  While the baseline F-5 flown by the USN/USMC is widely considered a 3rd Generation aircraft, Tactical Air’s existing and planned upgrades economically evolve this aircraft into an advanced tactical aircraft with sensor/system capabilities on par with current DoD 4th Generation fighter aircraft.  Tactical Air F-5s are upgraded with HUD/HOTAS, open architecture mission computers and tailored Operational Flight Programs that enable integration of advanced radar and RWR systems, IRSTS, EA, datalinks, and HOBS simulated weapons employment. The F-5’s proven growth potential and twin-engine reliability, paired with our uncompromising corporate safety culture, is the best insurance against hazards and mishaps and lets us meet almost any potential performance requirements. Tactical Air is proud to bring our upgraded fleet of F-5 Advanced Tigers (AT) as a 4th generation adversary platform with 3rd generation economy.

tactical air support
F-5 Advanced Tiger(F-5AT)
tactical air support
Canadair CF-5D


Customer/Other Aircraft

Let Tactical Air assist you in your primary or advanced tactical aviation training.  Tactical Air has extensive experience operating customer aircraft in support of their training objectives, up to and including fourth generation fighters.  We currently fly F-16Cs while administering fighter weapons school training for an international customer.  In addition, we have also flown Su-27s, F-5s, and A-29s in global training operations.  This combined with our experience developing F-35 tactics and procedures for the U.S. military means that Tactical Air has the experience, currency and proficiency to train your aircrew in your aircraft to optimize your advanced capabilities investment.

tactical air support
F-16 Fighting Falcon
tactical air support
SU-27 Flanker
tactical air support
A-29 Super Tucano

Operational Excellence

Aircraft Maintenance

Our maintenance team is staffed with A&P certified and tactical aircraft experienced mechanics, technicians and logisticians. Our maintenance management team has over 75 years of combined experience in tactical aviation maintenance with more than 30 years supporting U.S. military F-5 adversary contract maintenance support.

Tactical Air currently employs full time mechanics with extensive tactical aircraft experience. The comprehensive experience our maintenance team brings supporting air operations ensures safe and seamless ground maintenance operations and eliminates the learning curve required by a less experienced contractor.

To support our fleet, we maintain over 17,000 line items of F-5 parts in our Reno, Nevada warehouse and have developed a comprehensive logistic support network. Our network includes industry leaders Northrop Grumman, Duotech, Magellan Aerospace, RUAG Aerospace, and a cadre of established and reputable small businesses that also currently support the USN/USMC F-5s.