THUMRAIT AIR BASE, Sultanate of Oman — Col. Michael “Cos” Cosby, USAF (Ret), Tactical Air Support F-16 Fighting Falcon Instructor Pilot, stands in front of a Royal Omani Air Force (RAFO) F-16 Fighting Falcon, soon after landing. “Cos” reached his 4,000th Viper hour on this flight and is the 48th F-16 pilot to reach this milestone.

THUMRAIT AIR BASE, Sultanate of Oman —

Only 47 pilots in the 40-year history of the F-16 Fighting Falcon have reached 4,000 flying hours in the Viper until 11 February 2018.

Col. Michael “Cos” Cosby, USAF (Ret), Tactical Air Support F-16 Fighting Falcon Instructor Pilot became the 48th pilot to do so in the Viper.

“This is a very rare distinction,” said R.C. Thompson, Chief Executive Officer Tactical Air Support. “Very few fighter pilots reach this mark – this is a very significant achievement.”

Gen. Ron Fogleman, USAF (Ret), Chairman of the Board fo Tactical Air Support added “Congratulations on achieving the 4000 hour milestone in the Viper!…and thanks for the superb work you are doing for Tactical Air in Oman. We appreciate the reputation you are building for our company and look forward to continuing the relationship into the future.”

“Cos” is one of two contract instructor pilots flying with the Royal Omani Air Force (RAFO).  “Cos” is a Weapons School Instructor upgrading RAFO fighter pilots to become Qualified Weapons Instructors in air-to-air, air-to-surface and, various other specialty mission in their F-16 Block 50 “Fighting Falcons.

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