Press Release – Tactical Air Support Inc wins US Navy 4th Generation Fighter Jet Services Contract

Tactical Air Support Inc., Reno, Nevada, has been awarded a $106,789,764 five-year contract to provide the U.S. Navy airborne threat simulation capabilities to train aircrew and shipboard operators in countering potential enemy advanced airborne threats, tactics, electronic warfare and electronic attack.  Work will primarily be performed in Fallon, Nevada, and is expected to be completed in May 2023.

Tactical Air’s upgraded F-5E/F Advanced Tiger airplanes are considered the best combination of threat representation, safety and efficiency for the US Navy.  Legacy versions of the F-5 are currently in service with the Navy and Marine Corps and allied Air Forces around the world.  Tactical Air’s US-built F-5s are equipped with the latest technology, similar to the newest Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps aircraft. Upgraded radar, high-tech displays, controls, mission computers and sensors are central to the Advanced Tiger’s ability to simulate modern air-to-air threat aircraft and weapons. The unique and proprietary configuration for the Tactical Air F-5 Advanced Tiger is specifically designed to provide 21st Century Fighter effects, at less than half the operating cost of using modern, front-line fighters to simulate threat capabilities in training.  The F-5’s twin engines and superb safety record provide safe and sustainable combat training support operations, in a purpose-built adversary training platform.

About Tactical Air Support, Inc.

Tactical Air Support Inc. is a leader in commercial air services, tactical aviation training, and technical advisory services for the US Military and our International partners.  Since its inception in 2005, Tactical Air has continuously applied innovative business practices to provide the government and aviation industry unparalleled, yet affordable commercial air support and tactical consulting. The Tactical Air team brings the industry’s finest cadre of proven leaders and aviators paired with one of the world’s largest commercial fleet of sustainable, safe, and upgraded F-5 aircraft.  Our diverse staff consists of former Weapons School Instructors and Graduates, Operational Aviators, Adversaries and Test Pilots, Astronauts, Air Battle Managers, and Aviation Maintenance professionals.