Tactical Air Support, Inc. is teaming with the Navy in the development and integration of the Joint Stand-Off Weapon (JSOW) C-1 weapon system, the Navy’s first Network Enabled Weapon (NEW).  The complexity of integrating the new technology along with a desire for more complete and streamlined end-to-end aircrew and maintenance training resulted in the Navy’s desire to bring in “outside” expertise to this project. Working directly for the NAVAIR JSOW Program Office as the lead for Training Systems Integration across the entire weapon system spectrum, the Tactical Air team of former Strike Fighter Tactics Instructors (SFTIs) is currently developing and delivering the mission planning and the aircrew weapon hardware/software/employment training lectures directly to the end-users.  As the first NEW fielded in the DOD, the Tactical Air team integrates the Network Design Facility Link-16  developers and the Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) roles and responsibilities with the ultimate fleet user to ensure mission and weapon success.  By leveraging the talents of the Tactical Air team, the JSOW Program Office is providing the fleet with a complete weapon system that encompasses end-to-end training; from the support mechanization to direct aircrew engagement with additional leave-behind training material that ensures successful employment at weapon Initial Operational Capability (IOC).

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